Wednesday, June 25, 2014

No Ice Cube Trays

We currently have no fridge in the house, and are just using one in the garage until the new one comes. This is the approximate phone conversation I had with Steph when she called me after work:

Me: Hi babe

Steph: Hi

Me: You sound well. Did the meeting go well?

Steph: Yes.

Me: Hey, do we have an ice cube trays?

Steph: Yeah.

Me: Where would they be?

Steph: What?

Me: Where are they?

Steph: Where are who?

Me: The ice cube trays

Steph: What?


Steph: We don’t have any ice cube trays.

(Then I just start laughing.)

Me: I’m just curious. How did this conversation begin for you?

Me: What did you think I said when I asked you if we had ice cube trays and you responded yes?

Steph: Sometimes I can’t hear you well, and I just guess what you say.

Me: What was your guess when I said, “Do we have any ice cube trays?”

Steph: I don’t know. I thought you were just saying something about the meeting.

Me: Do you see how that made this conversation confusing for me?

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