Friday, January 30, 2009

From the great John Miller (a post for baseball fans)

Ruben Rivera's horrendous baserunning will not be forgotten, but neither will John Miller's call.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jim Beam Commercial

I just saw this commercial on ESPN. I don't really understand how it relates to the product, but I do understand the marketing.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thoughts from a 13-year-old girl

The other day I intercepted a note from a student in the 2nd row. This is her note exactly as it was written:

Uh I'm so bored =( Why does Mr. Burrill have to be such an active teacher (as of teaching) Oh, my gosh he has a

That's when I took it. Damn. I wish I would have waited another thirty seconds to snag that one. I'm quite curious to know the rest of that sentence.

Thought of the Week

Sometimes "good enough" is.

Forget it then; I want my money back.

Why Boys Need Parents

This was one image from an e-mail I got with the above title. If you want me to forward you the whole e-mail let me know.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Rewards" Program

Earlier this week I called the bank, and after answering my question the banker suggested I consider a rewards program for making purchases with my bank card. He informed that I could earn one point for every $4 I spent. Points could be redeemed for things like airline miles and unwanted kitchen appliances. He later added I could earn one point for every $1 spent using my Wells Fargo credit card. He could not tell me how many points I needed to earn miles, but offered to transfer me to a sales associate.

So at this point I had no idea how much a point was worth. Fortunately, being a math teacher, I did know this: I could accrue points four times more quickly if i used my credit card instead of the ATM card. Reluctantly, I agreed to be transferred.

The sales associate looked at my accounts and immediately told me that I was not eligible on my current credit card because I was already enrolled in a cash back program, but suggested I add the rewards program just to my ATM card. I learned that once I earn 25,000 points I got a 500-mile voucher, and after 50,000 points I got 1000-mile voucher.

So basically, all I had to do was spend $100,000 on my ATM card to earn my first plane flight. So if I started using my card exclusively maybe in four or five years I could finally fly to LA. Unfortunately, I'd have to look for work once I got down there because it would take me at least another four years until I was able to get back home.

I didn't enroll in the rewards program. I didn't even ask how many points for the immersion hand mixer blender chopper.

However, I did inquire about the cash back program, in which I apparently was already a member. So far, without knowing, it I had already earned $80. I just had to ask for it. There was no fee for this program; they just give me money. I don't know when I signed up for that, but that was a good idea. I went ahead and asked for the $80.

I'm sure glad I asked to be transferred.

Thought of the Week

I accidently bought some Sugar Free Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal. Which leads me to ask: Should they call that product Maple and Brown Oatmeal?

*I later went back and bought the regular maple and brown sugar, and for breakfast I ate one pack from each. It tasted half-decent.

Just Makes You Feel Special

I had a hard time coming up with a title for this one:
Realistic Child Praises Parent
Keep Working Hard, Dad; You'll Get There
I've been to Joe's House and Susie's House Enough Times

Sunday, January 11, 2009


The following is a portion of the statement of consent form I signed before my oral surgery last Friday:

I hereby give my consent for Dr. Moorhouse to perform the following procedures/ treatments/ surgeries: removal of teeth #17 and #32.

The possible risks include but are not limited to:
  • Postoperative discomfort and swelling that may necessitate several days of home rest.
  • Heavy bleeding that may be prolonged
  • Injury to adjacent teeth or fillings.
  • Postoperative infection requiring additional treatment and delayed healing.
  • Stretching the corners of the mouth which may result in cracking or bruising.
  • Limited mouth opening for several days or weeks.
  • Decision to leave a small root fragment if its removal is determined to be more detrimental than beneficial to the patient.
  • Unforeseen reaction to any of the medications used.
  • Bite or temporomandibular joint changes.


  • I understand that certain anesthetic risks, including serious bodily injury, are inherent in any procedure involving a general anesthetic.
  • In the event that some condition should arise during the course of the operation, I authorize Doctor Moorhouse to use any additional procedures, other than those mentioned, to afford a successful outcome to the operation.
  • No guarantee or warranty of results has been given to me that the proposed procedures will be curative and or successful to my complete satisfaction.
  • I understand that I am fully responsible for all fees incurred in this office and insurance does not relieve me of these responsibilities. All fees are due in full at the time of surgery unless prior arrangements have been made.

Well... Thanks Doc. Now that I feel comfortable, where do I sign?

Thought of the Week

To remove gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe bag up the shoe and place it into the freezer. Once the gum becomes frozen it should be easy to remove from your shoe. However, if you're uncomfortable having your sneaker that close to next week's dinner there are also chemical solutions. You can try applying nail polish remover, WD-40, or lighter fluid to the gum. Once lighter fluid is applied do not light the shoe on fire. The idea is to disolve the gum, not burn it off.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Good Stuff

We all have simple pleasures in life, and also pet peeves. Things that make us smile and things that drive us crazy. I decided to record some of my feelings in this blog. After much deliberation I came up with a name for each of the lists. The list of things I like I'm going to call "Things I like." The list of the aversive I'm going to call "Things I don't like." This is going to be an ongoing blog that I will add to as I think of more stuff.

Things I like:
  • Going to the bathroom and finding the toilet seat already up
  • Uninterrupted sleep
  • Unlocked doors
  • Playoffs
  • Good salsa
  • Bunting with runners on first and second with nobody out
  • Eating a home-cooked meal, especially one cooked by someone else
  • Competition
  • Straight-forward women
  • Kings that hold up
  • Good stand-up comedy
  • Beer
  • Getting put to sleep
  • A drying rack for dishes (drying dishes is the only household chore I can think of that I can not do, and come back later and find it done)
  • Forever stamps
  • Having the weather warm enough that I can open a window during the day even in the winter
  • Days off work
  • Assigned seating on airplanes
  • Non-stop flights (let's not be too greedy: short layovers)
  • Air-drying after I shower
  • Spanish Language Schools in other countries

    Things I Don't Like:
  • People driving slow in the fast lane
  • Having to unlock the dumpster to throw away my trash
  • California cell phone laws
  • New versions of Microsoft Office
  • That high-pitched really annoying noise made by certain old sinks and showers if they're at a specific water pressure.
  • Showers and sinks that make that noise
  • People wearing handsfree devices in public talking on their cell phones
  • People wearing handsfree devices in public and not talking on their cell phones
  • Clocks that tick loud enough that I can hear the ticking
  • People being inconsiderate
  • Students that sit there in class not doing anything
  • Losing
  • Getting put to sleep
  • Getting my impacted wisdom teeth out
  • Drive-thru's
  • Listening to "commercial free" radio tell me who sponsors their station, and then listening to them asking me to donate. (I'm sure the rest of the audience, besides me, would be outraged if they went to commercial advertising).
  • People with joint blogs that give no indication of which person is writing the blog.
  • People that call, "shotgun"

Thought of the Week

Never wear a red shirt while shopping at Target.

Fail Blog of the Week

Friday, January 2, 2009

Failed Pics of 2008, PG-13

The following pictures may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13, or really conservative women. (or anyone that may have been offended by me just saying "or really conservative women.") So proceed if desired.


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