Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This was fitting for me to read after my day at work today.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trader Joe's

Honestly, I was so tired I probably shouldn't have been on the road. First week back to work, second week of this new diet. I just needed a few things so I drove over to Trader Joe's.

I walked around not able to find my items. Was I so tired I couldn't see straight, or had they moved some things around in the store?

I couldn't find the broccoli. I was in produce. No broccoli. I looked for quite some time and finally gave and moved on to the next item on my list. I pushed my cart across the store peering down each aisle looking for the quinoa. Couldn't find it.

I got about five aisles away, which at Trader Joe's is pretty much the opposite side of the store, and a woman approached me, "Excuse me you have my cart."

I looked down. Sure enough. Not only was the one item in the cart different from the one item I had put in my cart, but her purse was sitting in the very top of the cart. I got all the way to the other side of the store without noticing.

"I'm very sorry. I'm really tired."

"I was extremely worried. I believe your cart is back in the produce section. You should eat some protein."

After I finally found the quinoa I went back to look for the broccoli again. I ran into the woman whose purse I tried to steal and asked her to help me find it.

I should eat some protein.

Thought of the Week

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems.
--Mahatma Gandhi

Beer, Food, Art

This place recently opened up near my house.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Matt and Steph's place in Kanchanaburi.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marriage Plan

One night I was having a conversation with my grandpa, when he was in his mid-eighties, and the topic of marriage came up. He told me:

When your grandma and I got married we agreed that I would make all the big decisions, and she would make all the little decisions. We been married for 62 years now and so far there hasn't been any big decisions.

Grandpa on eating ice-cream.

Thought of the Week

The only difference between obligation and opportunity is perspective.
--Garrett Kirkland

Pic of the Week: Doug's Chariot

I was down in San Diego visiting Jonny and Jade. The four of us went for a bike ride. Yep, Jonny actually built a bike chariot for his dog.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to Back

My date arrived complete with black and orange fingernails and a shirt she made specifically for the game. She was quite excited about going to her first Giants game of the season. That was a Tuesday night so I’ll refer to her as Tuesday-night-girl.

It wasn’t until about the third inning when we were talking about ticket availability that she reluctantly mentioned she was also going to the game the next day with a male friend, a friend that “she has known for years and was like a brother.” Somehow during that whole discussion I managed not to mention that I was also going to the game the next day and taking another girl. Honestly, if I wasn’t taking her I would have spent the night in the area and not had to drive back again the next morning. So I was being a gentleman by not mentioning it.

For both games I was using my friend’s season tickets. The seats to our left were empty, as they often were, and the seats to our right were again occupied by a couple of sisters that rarely missed a game. I was quite surprised at another couple that showed up in the seventh inning to the seats to the left of the empty seats. Maybe they were from LA. It turned out to be a great game and we enjoyed a victory complete with a Brian Wilson save. All together a good first date. Not our first date, but my first date of the week.

Now I wasn’t cheating on anyone or anything, but I did wonder if I would be able to pull off going to both games without mentioning the other woman either day. I was also wondering if one of the sisters would say anything when they saw me arrive. Maybe something like, “nice to see you again so soon.” However, on the way to the park Wednesday she directly asked me who I went with the night before (initially, when I invited her I gave her a choice of the two games, but I didn’t know she would remember that) so I had to tell her about Tuesday-night-girl. The idea of running into Tuesday-night-girl at the game did give us a few laughs. However, she had standing-room-only seats and was out in the outfield somewhere so it was unlikely that would occur.

I didn’t see Tuesday-night-girl for a couple weeks. We were talking candidly and freely so I said, “Okay, I have confession to make. You know the night we went to the Giants game…” She cut me off, “You went again the next day, with another girl.” I paused. I had a look on my face like, “how could she know that?” She continued, “I saw you.”

Apparently, with a large crowd at AT&T is pretty hard to find decent standing-room-only seats. She remembered the empty seats to our left the night before and thought she would see if they were available again. They walked up to the section. She looked up and saw me with my date grabbed her friend and ran back down the tunnel.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thought of the Week

I don't have a girlfriend. But I do know a woman who'd be mad at me for saying that.
--Mitch Hedberg

Pic of the Week

Saw this bike after the game.