Sunday, June 8, 2014

Advice List for my Students

A while back I saw on-line a girl post an advice list from one of her teacher's at the end of her senior year of high school. I thought his list was excellent advice, and I thought it was a cool idea. So I decided to create a list for my students.

Tips for Life
From Mr. Burrill 2014

  1. Learn to like yourself.
  2. Learn how to estimate tax and tip. Tip well for good service.
  3. When you’re at a restaurant with your friends sharing a bill throw in one dollar more than you actually owe.
  4. Don’t ask for gas money if you drive, but offer to pitch in when you don’t.
  5. Tell the truth.
  6. Don’t neglect to work on your weaknesses, but put even more effort into mastering your strengths.
  7. Have hobbies that don’t involve technology.
  8. Learn how to spell, speak, and write properly. (Even if you choose to ignore it when messaging your friends)
  9. Speak to your teachers properly, because in order to speak well you will have to practice it sometimes.
  10. Stand up for yourself.
  11. Admit when you’re wrong.
  12. Don’t ever say, “But they were doing it too.”
  13. Ask yourself, “What can I do to improve this situation?” not “Why does this stuff keep happening to me?”
  14. Dance sometimes, even if you have no rhythm.
  15. Ask questions in class.
  16. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  17. Learn from your mistakes, and learn from the mistakes of others.
  18. Maintain your integrity.
  19. Be honest. Be forthright.
  20. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
  21. Learn to give compliments.
  22. Take small steps when trying to reach big goals.
  23. If something is hard for you, a small goal may be a big goal and that’s okay.
  24. Find a mentor or a couple good role models to be a part of your life.
  25. Have high standards for your role models.
  26. When you’re with new friends, don’t just talk about old friends.
  27. Don’t pose for or post incriminating pictures of yourself.
  28. Don’t use social media for arguments.
  29. If you have the right of way, take it.
  30. If all of your friends and family dislike your significant other you may need to examine your relationship.
  31. Stand up to bullies.
  32. Pick up your trash.
  33. Put your phone away when having conversations with people in the same room as you.
  34. You can’t change other people, but you can change how you react.
  35. You are what you do, not what you say.
  36. Confidence attracts.
  37. Take electives you enjoy.
  38. All adults have to have a job. Some adults like their jobs. This is an obtainable goal.
  39. Learn to budget so you don’t have to “wait ‘till Friday” to buy what you need.
  40. Be a lifelong learner. Never try to stop improving yourself.
  41. If someone uses a word that you don’t know make a note of it and try to learn the word.
  42. If you want to remember the meaning of a new word force yourself to use it in a conversation.
  43. Go to college.
  44. Be assertive.
  45. If you want to go to the party -“to” has one o, but if the party is too crazy, too boring or your brother wants to go too - “too” has two o’s.
  46. Have at least one nice outfit.
  47. Be able to hold a meaningful, intentional conversation with someone of any age.
  48. Be able to formulate an argument.
  49. Formulate your argument before you speak.
  50. Limit your on-line life.
  51. It’s okay to be right without getting everyone to admit that you’re right.
  52. If somebody criticizes you, at some point that day objectively reflect on what was said. Is it something you want to work on?
  53. Prioritize the important over the urgent.
  54. Make good friends. Be intentional about maintaining the relationships.
  55. Exercise regularly.
  56. Drink water.
  57. Life isn’t fair, but it is your responsibility to still do the best you can.
  58. Learn to forgive people.
  59. Don’t let small things negatively affect you in a big way.
  60. Fake it ‘till you make it. Force yourself to practice it even if it is uncomfortable at first, because if you do it enough, you will get there.
  61. There are other people in this world. Act like it. Learn to have consideration for others.
  62. Have respect for authority.
  63. Join clubs or sports teams.
  64. Surround yourself by people that are going to lift you up, not bring you down. Choose friends that are a good influence.
  65. Add a parent or teacher or other adults to your Facebook that will force you to be careful about what you post.
  66. It takes three weeks to make or break a habit. Be intentional about breaking bad habits and forming good habits.
  67. Make decisions based on how they will affect you long-term, not short-term.
  68. If you want to get into a university when you’re 18, start thinking about it when you’re 14. Consider things like your grades, scholarships, applications, grant money, and major tests.
  69. Take care of your body and physical appearance, but do not hold yourself to the standard of a supermodel.
  70. Don’t make excuses; take responsibility for your actions.
  71. Understand that change isn’t easy.
  72. Don’t go through all your struggles alone. There are people in your life willing to listen and help.
  73. Get to know your teachers/professors.
  74. If you can’t decide between two options pick the one you haven’t tried before.
  75. Be on time.
  76. Sometimes it might be worth it just for the story.
  77. Learn how to listen to a friend without trying to fix their problem. Often having someone to just listen is exactly what they need.
  78. Learn to live on less money than you make. Learn to not spend frivolously. It is okay to not have the most expensive new item.
  79. You will be surprised what you can get if you aren’t afraid to ask.
  80. Laugh.
  81. Prioritize your education.
  82. Persevere through the tough times. Don’t give up.
  83. Don't equate beauty with value.
  84. Be succinct.
  85. Find one thing to like about every person you meet.
  86. Find things to learn in every class you take, even the ones that aren't in your favorite areas of study.
  87. Ask other people about themselves.
  88. You are talented and can be successful.
  89. Compromise on things, but don't comprise on your values.

I wish you all the best – in high school and always!

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Ryan said...

great tips kevin
a couple things you reminded me of, that i wish i had learned sooner:

- figure out what you want to learn about and go learn it, rather than waiting for a class or teacher to be interesting, get interested in stuff on your own
- talk back to your tv, don't let hollywood script writers tell you what life is all about
- have an opinion, and back it up