Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Essay Interview

Toward the end of the school year I offer my students one extra credit project. The directions are to find an adult in a vocation they would want to have when they are older. Then they conduct an interview and write a paper about what they learned about that career. Well... sometimes the stuff my kids write is just too funny to not share with others. So here is an essay from one of the kids. I didn't change anything. Believe me; I couldn't make this up.

Essay Interview
Mr. Burrill

                Hi my name is Jordan Thompson, my dream job is to be a detective or maybe a pharmacist. I’ve always wanted to be a detective because ever since I was young I always watched Colombo and matloc, and I would always try to solve the cases.Ive decided to interview my uncle Dwayne and he is a call receptionist at Verizon wireless.
               I interviewed my uncle Dwayne, he is 52 and he has been a call receptionist at Verizon wireless. He has been in the customer service field for about 8 years now and has moved himself up.  He pretty much answers phone calls to customers that aren’t happy with their bill. Sometimes there just having a hard time with their phones. He has customers as mad as where they can be cursing him out. When people are complaining about their bill being high he tries to maybe see if there up for a new phone or he can do a 15% deal off.
               A typical day for my uncle is first to clock in and get his coffee.  When he sits down he usually checks his email and calls his daughter and wife and tell them he got to work safely.  Once hi is all settled he checks if there is any emails and calls. He said he gets about 45 calls on a good day, he gets yelled at at least 10 times a day. He has two 15 minutes breaks and 1 lunch break. During his 15 minute break he handles some of his bills and most of the time he has mandatory meetings. During his lunch break he usually brings his lunch to his daughter at work or goes out to eat with his girlfriend Sheela. After he goes back to work and finishes up some paper work he starts on his phone calls after he finishes up some paper work. Then he clocks out and goes home and chills at home.
               The perks and advantages of this job is that he can flex his hours, which is where you can leave work early and then make up the hours later. That is really cool because most adults can’t do that so I think that is really cool.  His money was really good when he used to be a lawyer for a very long time and he had to go back to help his daughter because she had a two twin kids.  He works about 10 hours on a good day 11 on a bad day. He and my family go on a cruise trip every year out the country.  He gets along with all of his coworkers, he thinks it’s cool because he usually a one man job except for his clients.  The rewards at his job is every Friday his job has a potluck I’m going to one pretty soon. He always has fun either if it’s happy hour after his job, or its clubbing with our family.
               This job requires 6 weeks of training you really have to know what you’re doing to have job so it’s a lot harder.  You have to have an AA you don’t need a master’s degree or a bachelors because it’s not mandatory for most people if they have been in this field before.  He ended up in this job because he wanted to get some extra money on the side and this was the easy because he went to law school so he got the job easily.  He originally wanted to be in the NBA but that didn’t work out but he played college ball. 
               He uses math every day because he has to count his customers, so that’s a pretty big part of his day.  Math is very important because he’s adding, subtracting and multiplying he said he feels like an accountant.  His advice to middle schoolers now is to don’t take middle school for granted what you learn will be essential to what you learn in high school and life.
               An interesting story I learned from the interview is it was his birthday and they put him down for working after he asked for the day off. Once he found out he had to go to work he yelled at his boss and he said Dwayne I gave you the day off this is for next month. My Uncle Dwayne called him and apologized later that day for all that cursing and yelling at him for. The most interesting thing I have learned from this interview is to always put in your full work because one day you will be so proud and it will pay off. Like in math class by grade dropped and it’s been so hard getting up and I want to keep doing my work so I can my make my mom proud. His worst day is when a customer called him and was cursing him out, and his temper was already high from earlier this morning so he snapped on the guy.  The customer gave him a zero on his survey and he had to have a meeting with this group manager and his boss, luckily all he had was a write up. His scariest moment was when he thought he was going to get fired because he missed 2 days of work and didn’t call in saying he was ill. His most successful story was helping a customer that had a problem that no one could really solve and the other one was giving a customer a deal to help them pay there bill when they didn’t have the funds to.
               The conclusions about this career is you have to have lot of patients and sometimes you will get very frustrated and and this job isn’t for everyone.  Also not many people are able to do this job my uncles boss said it is a gift. I wouldn’t want to this job the salary isn’t a problem I feel like I can see myself being a detective like I said in the beginning of this essay, or I maybe want to be a scout for high school sports I would love to do that. Thank you very much for taking up your time in your day to read this essay.

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